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#1 fixed fails on shr-u with: import error: no module named statvfs Martin Kolman anonymous

hi I just tried the ipk for my shr unstable; running from command line I get an import error for loading statvfs. looking at the python site they say it is deprecated since version 2.6 (shr - u currently runs v2.6.4) any idea? thanks for your efforts. the screenshots are looking very promising!!!

#3 fixed rotate map around a shifted center Martin Kolman Martin Kolman


  • when the turn-by-turn navigation is active, move the position indicator down and show more of the map in the direction of travel

possible drawbacks:

  • text orientation on tiled maps (aerial/sat tiles dont have text usually, so they should be OK)
  • performance -> maybe use some sort of acceleration (OpenGL ES?)
    • seems to be OK, should be a non issue in the clutter based alternative map widget (once implemented :)
#5 fixed turn-by-turn navigation Martin Kolman Martin Kolman

add turn by turn navigation

  • show direction messages at appropriate time
    • by position or distance from start ?
  • espeak integration ?
  • check other routing providers
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