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Data storage

This article describes where modRana stores data.

Map data

Map data are by default stored in the modRana directory in cache/images in per layer folders. When using the sqlite database for storing map data, each layer has its own database files (lookup database and 1+ storage databases) stored in its own folder.


the dafault path for map data on Maemo is /home/user/MyDocs/.maps, bacause MyDocs? resides on a 27GB FAT32 partition, which is the largest continuous partition in default Maemo 5 install on the N900. NOTE: Bacause of the FAT32 file-system, you should consider enabling sqlite tile sotrage in ModRana?. FAT32 uses very large clusters. which together with map data, that consists of thousand of map tiles causes huge waste of space. Sqlite can store thousands of tiles in a single file and thus avoids this issue.



Configuration files

Persistent setting database

Main configuration file

Map layers configuration file