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    225225==== Deploying Python 3 & !PyOtherSide to the Android device ====
     227Download the pre-prepared tarball with Python 3 and !PyOtherSide:
     230wget ...
     233Then unpack it:
     236tar xvf ...
     239And push the complete ''poside'' directory directly to the ''/data'' directory on your Android device:
     242adb push ...
     245This is where the hello world example will expect it. Also, we can't deploy to the ''/data/sdcard'' directory as it isi usually mounted noexec which breaks the library loading we need to do.
    227247==== Deploying & running a hello world application ====
     249Next download the hello world project tarball and unpack it:
     252wget ...
     253tar xvf ...
     256It is just a normal !QtQuick Controls Android project template modified to load the needed libraries from ''/data/poside'' and with all the needed environmental variables set.
     258Now open the project in the !QtCreator provided by the Qt for Android SDK, configure device deployment and press the ''deploy'' button. !QtCreator should do its thing and the application should successfully start on the device. Now look on the main.qml file in !QtCreator and note that while it has the {{{import io.thp.pyotherside 1.0}}} line, the {{{Python {} }}} line that actually instantiates the Python element provided by !PyOtherSide is commented out.
     260Now uncomment {{{Python {} }}} line and try to deploy the application again. This time the deployment fails and the applications crashes as soon as it is started.
     262So this how & how far I got - any help with finding out how to fix the crash would be much appreciated! :)