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PyOtherSide for Android

This article describes current progress towards being able to run applications using Python 3 & QtQuick 2.0 using the PyOtherSide Python <-> QtQuick bindings.

Current Status

  • Qt 5 & QtQuick 2.0 - available & working
  • Python 3 (3.2) - available & working
  • PyOtherSide - WiP
    • compilation - working
    • basic deployment - working
    • using PyOtherSide without crashing - working
  • standalone APK package - working

For more details see:

Notes from the PyOtherSide for Android development phase have been archived here.


Building the Android package from CLI

For build script integration it would be nice to be able to non-interactively build a Python application package for Android, without the need to do that manually in the QtCreator GUI.

Fortunately the ''androiddeployqt'' tools seems to do just that. :)