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    152152 * ''activate and configure widgets''
     154== Command Line Options ==
     155ModRana has quite a few options that can be useful for opening modRana from other programs or scripts.
     157''NOTE:'' if ''--return-static-map-url'' is used, modRana just returns the static map URL as quickly as possible and exits. This can come handy in situations where only a simple map image is enough and the advanced modRana functionality is not needed.
     159usage: [-h] [-d device ID] [-u GUI ID]
     160                  [--local-search search query]
     161                  [--local-search-location an address or geographic coordinates]
     162                  [--address-search an address]
     163                  [--wikipedia-search search query] [--return-static-map-url]
     164                  [--center-on-position] [--set-zl zoom level number]
     165                  [--center-on-position-on-zl zoom level number]
     166                  [--focus-on-coordinates geographic coordinates with the geo: prefix]
     168A flexible GPS navigation system.
     170optional arguments:
     171  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
     172  -d device ID          specify device type
     173  -u GUI ID             specify user interface type (GTK or QML)
     174  --local-search search query
     175                        specify a local search query EXAMPLE: "pizza"
     176  --local-search-location an address or geographic coordinates
     177                        specify a geographic location for a local search query
     178                        (current location is used by default), both addresses
     179                        and geographic coordinates with the geo: prefix are
     180                        supported; use "LAST_KNOWN_POSITION" to use last known
     181                        position EXAMPLE: "London" or
     182                        "geo:50.083333,14.416667" or "LAST_KNOWN_POSITION"
     183  --address-search an address
     184                        specify an address search query EXAMPLE: "Baker Street
     185                        221b, London"
     186  --wikipedia-search search query
     187                        specify a local search query EXAMPLE: "Prague castle"
     188  --return-static-map-url
     189                        return static map URL for a CLI query (works for local
     190                        search, address and Wikipedia search)
     191  --center-on-position  focus on the current position & enable centering
     192  --set-zl zoom level number
     193                        set a zoom level EXAMPLE: 15
     194  --center-on-position-on-zl zoom level number
     195                        focus on current position on a given zoom level
     196                        EXAMPLE: 15
     197  --focus-on-coordinates geographic coordinates with the geo: prefix
     198                        focus on given coordinates, NOTE you can use --set-zl
     199                        to set zoom level, EXAMPLE: "geo:50.083333,14.416667"
    154203== Debugging ==