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modRana data repository document

This is a description for a simple program, that should generate a data repository for offline Monav routing data. It should be flexible enough to enable extending it to also handle other data in the future.


  • easy repository setup and regeneration

CLI options


Repository definition file

This is a JSON file called repository.json that sits at the root of the repository.


Description of the different sections

= header =
format_version - 1 for now

= repository =
* name - natural language name of the repository
* last_update - epoch of the last update

= data =
Contains sections for the different data sub-repositories.

== monav ==
* name = "Monav offline routing data repository"

=== Example_Land ===
* pack_type = "monav"
* url - pack URL
* last_updated - epoch of the last update
* bytes_size (optional)

==== zsync_file_list - (optional) ===

Monav data repository

Monav data processing

  • preliminary testing shows, that one Monav preprocessor process only uses a single core
    • to use all the available cores, running multiple processes might be needed
    • this might result in very big combined RAM usage though
    • needs to be tested on real data first