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#12 add info menu gps enhancement Jul 30, 2010

add a menu for displaying various useful information

  • submenus for each category
  • modRana info:
    • current modRana version - done
    • project website and contact information - done
    • what device modRana thinks it is on
    • current paths
      • tile folder/s
      • tracklog folder
      • cache folder + cache size
    • GPS status
      • on/off
      • gpsd vs new gpsd vs liblocation
      • satellites, etc.
    • network
      • enabled/diabled
      • is it available ? ping ?
      • ip, hostname ?
    • varius statistics
  • other info
    • sunset, world time ?
    • maybe do this ins some "current point/position" menu ?

#33 substitute wrong terms in routing service output gps enhancement Sep 4, 2010
  • peekway -> parkway
  • St. -> Street
  • more ?

#87 adjust zoom level automatically depending on speed gps enhancement Dec 11, 2010

#170 QML UI: Map layer gallery gps enhancement Mar 13, 2012
  • first just do a simple dialog for map layer selection DONE
  • do a visual map layer selection
    • multiple instances of PinchMap on a single page (as items in a list or tiles, with a caption with the name of the layer)
    • needs to be investigated if this is usable when there are many map layers
    • might be usable only as "show map comparison"

#166 Show on Map for Add new POI does not work gps defect Nov 12, 2011

"add new POI" params etc., finally click "Show on map" and - nothing happens.

Use "list POI", found that POI, click "Show on map" and it works.

#4 give more info when saving options fails gps enhancement Jul 24, 2010

When the options dump is unsuccessful, give more info:

  • what went wrong
  • give a hint of possible cause

#20 quick POI adding gps enhancement Aug 13, 2010

quick POI adding

  • add a map screen button for quick adding of poi
    • depends on POI menu rework

#39 "pixel zooming" - like in tangogps gps enhancement Sep 6, 2010
  • when there are no tiles for a lower zoomlevel, use enlarged tiles from the upper zl
  • OPTIONAL: use even when there are tiles available to make text larger
    • could be quite pixelated/blurred

#53 POI Sound beacon gps enhancement Nov 1, 2010
  • activate from POI -> tools menu
  • set:
    • distance
    • espeak message (recorded sound ?)
    • repetition -> once/every N seconds while in perimeter
    • optional -> a message for leaving the perimeter
    • optinal -> say the current distance as part of the message
  • multiple distance/message pairs for a POI
  • possible uses:
    • speed cameras
    • fishing spots
    • reminders ("you are near the supermarket, don't forget to buy X")
    • geocaching/treasure hunting
  • storage:
    • in the poi.db, tables with modrana_ prefix to make sure we won't collide with possible Mappero tables
    • table version numbers

  • OPTIONAL: distance based message repetition -> "sonar sound"
    • a "beep", that is repeated more often as the distance decreases

#136 combine close turns to one message gps enhancement Apr 18, 2011
  • combine turns if they are close together (credit: Skykooler)
    • example:
      "Turn left on Elm Street, then turn right on Main Street"
      "Turn left on Elm Street, then turn right"
  • the second varaint might be only available once routing metadata is available

  • make this configurable
    • turning off
    • setting of combination distance
      • based on reached distance or separate ?
    • maximum number of messages to combine
      • can espeak compute how long a pronunciation would take ?
    • some formating settings ?
      • like:
        "Turn left on Elm Street, then turn right"
        "Turn left on Elm Street, then in 10 meters turn right"
  • other parameters that show up during implementation

#211 Monav: more robust monav-server shutdown gps enhancement Sep 9, 2012
  • in case modRana crashes, the server might continue running
  • check if it is a problem (blocking USB mounting on N900 ?)
  • try to kill by name if server is running but was not started
    • but it would be important to first check if a server start was attempted by modRana so that not to shutdown a Monav server started by other programs

#213 option: shut down GPS when in standby for X minutes gps enhancement Sep 13, 2012
  • this feature should be optional
  • if modRana is in standby for more than X minutes (5 as default ?), it will shut down GPS and pause any other potentially battery draining activity, that was not explicitly requested by the user
    • so this means it won't for example shut down batch tile download or turn-by-turn naviagtion
    • wake-locks ? :P
    • once standby is over, it will restore everything back to the "normal" state
  • standby:
    • application window is not active
    • alternatively -> screen turned off & turn by turn navigation not running
    • how modRana understands standby should be configurable

#214 use zsync to update offline routing data gps enhancement Sep 14, 2012
  • use zsync to update routing data from the server
  • like this, only changes would be transferred, making frequent routing data updates feasible
    • packs for large countries can take up multiple GBs
  • how would an update look like:
    • before starting the update, mark the map package as dirt
      • .#dirty file ?
    • modRana downloads a file-list for the package, that contains also a link to a zsync control file for every file
    • iterate over the zsync files and update every local file
    • at the end, remove all files that are present in the local folder but not on the file-list (exclude the .#dirty file)
    • remove the .#dirty file
  • drawbacks:
    • needs to store two copies of the routing data
      • one archive for direct download
      • one in uncompressed form + zsync control file for updates only
        • needs zsync files for all files
        • on the other hand as zsync won't overwrite the file until the download is finished, working on multiple smaller files helps

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