Switching map layers

Map laeyers can be switched using the menu->options->Map->Map layers submenu.

Multiple layers

To show more than one map layer at once, use the menu->options->Map->Map layers submenu to:

  • enable/disable map overlay
  • select the background and overlay layers
  • configure opacity of the overlay layer

Quick jump to the map screen

To quickly jump to the map screen from any menu, just press and hold the back arrow.

Map rotation

To enable map rotation, go to the menu->options->Map->Rotation submenu. Please note that map rotation only takes effect when map centereing is on.

Set current position manually

ModRana center on the last known position on startup automatically. This should be not an issue if you have a GPS fix - but if you are running modRana on a device without GPS, you might want to override the "current position" coordinates.

To do that, first create a POI on the the desired coordinates (POI->Add new POI->from map). Then in the tools menu of this newly created POI, select set as as position. And thats it, you position indicator should now be centered on the POI.

NOTE: If you want to do this on a device that has a working GPS, you should probably turn it off first (Options->Location->GPS), or it would quickly overwrite the position you just set with real coordinates.

Focus on coordinates on startup

ModRana centers on the last known position on startup. To disable centering & focus on a set of coordinates instead, you can use the --focus-on-coordinates command line option.


./ --focus-on-coordinates="geo:51.0,14.5"

Disable automatic map tile download

In Options->Network->Network usage set Network to Don't download map tiles. No more map tiles will be automatically downloaded.

Batch tile download, accessible from the Download menu, will still download map tiles, once manually started.

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