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Switching map layers

Map laeyers can be switched using the menu->options->Map->Map layers submenu.

Multiple layers

To show more than one map layer at once, use the menu->options->Map->Map layers submenu to:

  • enable/disable map overlay
  • select the background and overlay layers
  • configure opacity of the overlay layer

Quick jump to the map screen

To quickly jump to the map screen from any menu, just press and hold the back arrow.

Map rotation

To enable map rotation, go to the menu->options->Map->Rotation submenu. Please note that map rotation only takes effect when map centereing is on.

Parametric icons

there are six positional parameters:

fill color,fill opacity, outline color, outline opacity, outline width (default 8) and corner radius (default 22, use 0 for right angle)

to use default value, just don't fill in the positional parameter ( len(parameter) == 0 ) EXAMPLE: generic:green;1.0;blue;0.5;10;15

Icon placement

"center" means that we have an icon which we want to center inside the button there re two parameters - icon name and border width

EXAMPLE: center:more;0.1

  • icon name: more
  • border width: 10% of shortest icon side