How did I create the Maemo 5 packages

  • I used py2deb in scratchbox
    • py2deb EATS EMPTY FOLDERS -> there must be something in it or the folder is not included
  • modified the py2deb file in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ (in scratchbox)
    • fixed the bugtracker issue, followed the wiki
    • modified the build depends:
      # ADDED for building modRana
      Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), python-support
    • modified the "build architecture independent files section"
      # Build architecture-independent files here.
      binary-indep: build install
      # We have nothing to do by default.
      	dh_pysupport /opt/modrana # its important to add path to the main application folder
    • fixed the USERNAME environmental variable not found issue (caused by py2deb) in the ./ script:
      import os
    • made sure there is #DEBHELPER# in the postinst script
    • set correct file and folder permissions for the different modRana folders and files

Example build script:

Example modified

SBOX developlment notes

  • fixing the "malformed 3rd word on status line" error:
    • as root:
      dpkg --configure -a
  • fix the reported malformed line
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