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Installation package for Maemo 5 Fremantle on the Nokia N900

ModRana is available from the Extras-devel repository, in the Location & Navigation section.

  • If you want to install from the command line, type this as root:
    apt-get install modrana
  • modRana will be installed to /opt/modrana, this folder also includes the configuration files
  • tiles are stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.maps/ (a hidden folder)

Running modRana

Just find the modRana or modRana QML icon and press it. :)

To start modRana from the command line interface, for the classic GTK GUI run:


For the QML GUI run:


Installation package for Sailfish OS

ModRana for Sailfish OS is available from the OpenRepos application repository and from Jolla store.

To install it just search for modRana or look into the Applications -> City guides & maps category.

You can also use the following QR code to get to the modRana for Sailfish page on OpenRepos web interface:

modRana for Sailfish @ OpenRepos

There is no web version of the Jolla store at the moment, so no QR code for it so far. :)

Running modRana from the command line

If you for some reason want to start modRana from the command line on Sailfish OS, run it like this with sailfish-qml:

sailfish-qml harbour-modrana

Sailfish OS cutting edge packages

Cutting modRana edge packages for Sailfish OS are available from the Mer OBS.

To add the repository and install modRana, you can use the following commands:

zypper ar
zypper refresh
zypper install harbour-modrana

After installation, the modRana icon should show up as usual.

To launch modRana from the command line, use this:

sailfish-qml harbour-modrana

Installation package for Android

ModRana packages for Android (4.0+ is supported) are available in this folder:

To install the latest modRana package, just click the following link:

Or you can also use the following QR code to do the same:

In the future modRana should be also available in Google Play and other relevant Android application repositories.

Installation package for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on the Nokia N9 and N950

Packages for Harmattan are available from:

Just grab the one with the highest version with your browser or with wget and install it.

After installation, the modRana icon should show up among the other icons.

To run modRana from the CLI, use this command (if the package wants to be Ovi store compatible, it can't put files to /usr/bin so this startup script is used):

sh /opt/modrana/run/harmattan

Installation package for Nemo Mobile

Just add the modRana-nemo COBS repository and install modRana using zypper:

zypper ar modrana-nemo
zypper up
zypper install modrana

Thats it, you should now have a nice blue modRana icon in your icon grid. :) You can also start modRana from command line like this:


Optional - running the modRana GTK GUI

I've succeeded in building the GTK library and its Python bindings for Nemo, so you can also run modRana with the classic GTK UI on Nemo. Just add my Nemo repository and install GTK & PyGTK:

zypper ar
zypper install gtk2
zypper install pygtk2

And then you can run the modRana GTK UI like this:


Installation package for SHR on the Neo FreeRunner

NOTE: this package is VERY outdated, get the modRana tarball & clone it from git to get a more recent version

Cloning modRana from git

This is an alternative method for having up-to-date modRana on your device. :)

First install Git:

opkg update
opkg install git

Then clone modRana & run it:

git clone
cd modrana

To update the Git clone, just run git pull from inside the modrana directory:

git pull

FreeRunner & SHR notes

  • if running modRana from tarball or Git on SHR, you need to install some missing dependencies:
    opkg install python-misc python-netclient python-json python-compression
  • in default configuration, tiles are stored in /root/.modrana/maps/, because the on device space is limited, it is advised to store the tiles on the memory card, the path can be modified in user_config.conf in /root/.modrana/
  • modRana stores tiles in the same way (when not using sqlite to store tiles) as TangoGPS/FoxtrotGPS - you can configure bot to share the same map folder
  • map layers can be configured in map_config.conf in /root/.modrana/
  • Maps folder sharing configuration example:
    • our TangoGPS tiles are stored in /home/root/Maps, f.e. a OpenStreetMap layer in /home/root/Maps/OSM
    • we set tile_folder in user_config.conf to /home/root/Maps
    • then we set the !openStreetMap layer prefix OSM (/home/root/Maps/OSM -> OSM)
    • modRana will then use for OpenStreetMap layer tiles this path: /home/root/Maps + OSM -> /home/root/Maps/OSM

Installation package for Ubuntu and Debian

CAUTION: horrendously outdated

Looking for Debian/Ubuntu package maintainers!


This folder contains tarballs with an universal version of modRana and basically also contains the complete modRana source code:

  • just unpack and run
  • prerequisites for the GTK GUI:
    • python (cca 2.5+)
    • GTK2 and Cairo
    • optionally Simplejson
    • when on Maemo 5, install python-hildon and python-dbus and run with python -d n900
  • the Qt 5 GUI requires Python 3.2+, Qt 5.1+ and PyOtherSide
  • install espeak to enable text to speech

As the cutting edge tarball is generated automatically, it might be more up-to-date than the tarballs in the above mentioned directory.

Cutting edge tarball

there is also a cutting edge tarball, generated automatically from the modRana Git repository.

You can download, extract modRana like this:

wget -O modrana.tar.gz
tar -xvf modrana.tar.gz

Then cd into the M4rtinK-modrana-tag directory and run modRana:


For more options, see the modRana CLI help:

python --help

A simple script for testing internet connectivity

This is a CLI script for testing the availability of internet connectivity.


Summary changelogs have been moved to the changelog page due to making the download page too long. :)

A changelog is also part of the modRana spec file. The changelog is automatically updated when a new version of modRana is released, so it should be generally more up-to-date than the summary changelog which currently needs to be updated manually.


ModRana is licensed under GPL v3 and all third party modules under their own respective (open source) license.

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