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modRana download page in Czech

Installation package for Maemo 5 on the Nokia N900


  • packages python2.5 and python-gtk2 from the standart repositories should be installed first
  • for GPS support install the python-location package
  • it is also recomanded to install the python-simplejson package, modRana includes a pure-python version of simplejson, but distribution package should include compiled c acceleration code and could be faster
  • modRana will be installed to /opt/modrana, this folder also includes the configuration files
  • tiles are stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.modRana_tiles/ (a hidden folder)

Installation package for SHR on the Neo FreeRunner


a walkthrought for intalation on QTMoko

  • on SHR unstable the packages python-netclient and python-misc need to be installed
  • in default configuration, tiles are stored in /usr/share/modrana/cache/images, because the on device space is limited, it is advised to store the tiles on the memory card, the path can be modified in user_config.conf in the modRana main folder
  • modRana stores tiles in the same way as TangoGPS, a single tile folder can be shared
  • map layers can be configured in map_config.conf in the main modRana folder
  • Maps folder sharing configuration example:
    • our TangoGPS tiles are stored in /home/root/Maps, f.e. a OpenStreetMap layer in /home/root/Maps/OSM
    • we set tile_folder in user_config.conf to /home/root/Maps
    • then we set the !openStreetMap layer prefix OSM (/home/root/Maps/OSM -> OSM)
    • modRana will then use for OpenStreetMap layer tiles this path: /home/root/Maps + OSM -> /home/root/Maps/OSM

Installation package for Ubuntu and Debian



This archive containes an universal version of modRana:


  • just unpack and run
  • prerequisites: python (cca 2.5+), GTK2 and Cairo, optionally Simplejson

A simple script for testing internet connectivity

This is a CLI script for testing the availability of internet connectivity.


* modRana V0.11 *

  • GUI for track logging -> directly to a GPX file
  • tracklog cathegories
  • deleting tracklogs
  • ondemand tracklog loading => much faster aplication start
  • limit on the maximum number of in memmory tiles(user feedback - thanks)
  • netwok usage modes - full/partial(= no automatic tile dl)
  • slight improvements of the user interface
  • added new icons
  • new MTB layer for Czech republic

* modrana V0.10 *

  • now widget, showing remaining distance/time
  • imporoved OSD route profile widget
  • more intuitive tracklog visibility setting

* modRana V0.09 *

* modRana V0.08 *

  • text input
  • address routing
  • toll and highway avoidance

* modRana V0.07 *

  • map overlay support
  • route profile widget
    • activate a tracklog in tools -> set active
    • if upgrading from older version, delete the cache file on Neo in cache/tracklogs/tracklog_cache.txt
  • show current pozition on the route profile
  • the map should be show, even if these is no space left on the device

* modRana V0.06 *

  • the map is now more sharp and uninterrupted
  • GPS on the N900 was confirmed as working

* modRana V0.05 *

  • Neo FreeRunner package
  • TangoGPS compatible tile storage
  • map layer configuration in map_config.conf
  • improved batch tile download

* modRana V0.04 *

  • N900 GPS support
  • fully configurable user interface (using the user_config.conf config file)
    • each profile can have a custom UI
    • size and position of UI buttons and elements can be changed
    • size and position of information widgets can be configured
    • information widgets: time, speed, speed statistics, coordinates...
  • tiles folder can be set from the config file
    • on the N900 /home/user/MyDocs/modRana_tiles/, is used (to modify the tile folder path on N900, change it in the N900 section)
  • position indicator indicator
  • by using the first CLI argument, the current device type can signalized to modRana
    • for now, its is used mainly for N900 specific features or initial screen/window resolution
    • supported codes: n900, neo, n95, eee, q7, square, ipaq
  • potecially faster method for loading map tiles
  • improved threading support (thanks ivir for feedback)

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