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modRana download page in Czech

Installation package for Maemo 5 on the Nokia N900

ModRana is available from the Extras-devel repository, in the Location & Navigation section.

  • If you want to install from the command line, type this as root:
    apt-get install modrana
  • modRana will be installed to /opt/modrana, this folder also includes the configuration files
  • tiles are stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.maps/ (a hidden folder)

Installation package for SHR on the Neo FreeRunner

a walkthrought for intalation on QTMoko

  • on SHR unstable the packages python-netclient and python-misc need to be installed
  • in default configuration, tiles are stored in /usr/share/modrana/cache/images, because the on device space is limited, it is advised to store the tiles on the memory card, the path can be modified in user_config.conf in the modRana main folder
  • modRana stores tiles in the same way (when not using sqlite to store tiles) as TangoGPS/FoxtrotGPS - you can configure bot to share the same map folder
  • map layers can be configured in map_config.conf in the main modRana folder
  • Maps folder sharing configuration example:
    • our TangoGPS tiles are stored in /home/root/Maps, f.e. a OpenStreetMap layer in /home/root/Maps/OSM
    • we set tile_folder in user_config.conf to /home/root/Maps
    • then we set the !openStreetMap layer prefix OSM (/home/root/Maps/OSM -> OSM)
    • modRana will then use for OpenStreetMap layer tiles this path: /home/root/Maps + OSM -> /home/root/Maps/OSM

Installation package for Ubuntu and Debian


This archive contains an universal version of modRana and basically also contains the complete source:

  • just unpack and run
  • prerequisites: python (cca 2.5+), GTK2 and Cairo, optionally Simplejson
  • when on Maemo 5, install python-hildon and python-dbus nad run with python n900
  • install espeak to enable text to speach

A simple script for testing internet connectivity

This is a CLI script for testing the availability of internet connectivity.


* modRana V0.25 *

  • map rotation is now optimized - only tiles that are really visible will be now loaded and drawn
  • map overlay has also been optimized - it should be now as fast as a normal single-layer map, thanks to caching
  • line wrapping & bigger font for turn-by-turn navigation
  • progress on the current route is now shown for turn-by-turn navigation
  • more visible buttons for turn-by-turn navigation
  • the About screen in the Info submenu now contains contact information for the modRana project
    • a few new icons were added
    • there is now a "EV charging" preset in POI search
    • fixed a few notification that were not showing up
    • the text-to-speach CLI string can now be interactively after switching to manual mode in Options->Sound->Voice
  • added a missing dependency on python-hildon
  • added a "Dr.\" should now be correctly substituted for "Drive" in voice output

* modRana V0.24 *

  • fix needless redrawing in centered mode slowing down map rendering
  • fix GUI not redrawing after pressing buttons
  • new way of loading tiles which gives priority to currently visible tiles first
  • lowered default number of automatic tile download threads to lessen I/O load
  • new info menu with an About submenu showing current version :)
  • better N900 integration
    • proper App-Menu which enables fast access to often used features (centering, map rotation, etc.)
    • volume keys are now used for zooming by default
    • modRana now uses Hildon banners for notifications
    • zoom feedback using a Hildon banner
  • sound can now be turned ON and OFF
  • saving of automatically downloaded map tiles can be now turned off

* modRana V0.23 *

  • new optional map dragging technique, which is a lot faster but not so pretty as the default one
  • support for long pressing buttons
  • long press of the escape button (green arrow in upper left corner) switches directly to the map screen
  • configurable threshold for disabling centering by dragging the map
  • startup timing
  • fixed broken list scrolling in options
  • fixed black screen at startup caused by the new shifted centering code

* modRana V0.22 *

  • tapping on buttons no longer disables centering
  • map movement is now properly synchronized with position indicator movement(while centering is on)
  • support for centered icons that use a nice themeable background
  • properly sized icons to avoid needless resizing
  • reworked button text rendering
  • proper spaceport icon
  • fixed text entry not working in fullscreen\* fixed usability issues with text entry popups

-> tapping outside the popup no longer saves popup content -> tapping outside the popup also cancels POI adding, if in progress -> previously entered text is now highlighted by default

* modRana V0.21 *

  • don't redraw on background
  • add theme support + an example "night" theme
  • ensure routing start while moving
  • cache cairo drawn icons to improve performance
  • center text on icons
  • add a 64x64 icon
  • enable navigation box hiding
  • add previous/next turn buttons

* modRana V0.20 *

  • optimized map drawing
    • all time consuming tile related operations (loading, sending download requests,...) were moved to a separate thread
    • there is now a limit on the number of concurrent automatic tile download threads
  • sequential sqlite access. which might fix some of the "database locked" issues
  • shutdown should be now more robust and better logged
  • fixed button hiding not working correctly
  • SHR@NEO FreeRunner:
    • fixed wrong speed being displayed in SHR on the Neo FreeRunner?
    • gpsd output speed toggle (knots per second in gpsd vs meters per second in FSO-gpsd) in options->GPS

* modRana V0.19 *

  • N900: multi mode screen blanking control (always on, while moving, while moving in fullscreen, while in fullscreen, with GPS fix,..)
  • use Russian voice for street names that contain Cyrillic literals
  • navigation is now auto-started by default
  • initial dbus support
  • fix wrong speed being displayed for metric units
  • fix weird behavior occurring after searching for extremely long roads (like Moscow-Honolulu :)
  • fix last directions step message not being displayed
  • Ubuntu 10.04: fix crash on startup caused by missing device module
  • fix directions CSV rules only being used once and not accepting Unicode

* modRana V0.18 *

  • asynchronous online service access
  • multilingual directions and voice navigation

* modRana V0.17 *

  • improved POI functionality - finally ! :)
    • store current position, place on the map, local search results or manually specified POI
    • easy route finding from the current position to a POI
    • show POI on the map
    • categories
    • old POI import
    • CSV export
    • can share database with Mappero (optional)
  • all routes now show the route info button on the map screen
  • improved terminal output logging
    • creates a new log fail for each modRana session (provided that logging is enabled in options->debug->log stdout
  • many small improvements

* modRana V0.16 *

  • optional sqlite tile storage - especially usefull on FAT32 like filesystems
    • tiles are stored in a single file
    • this avoids small tiles taking up many large clusters
    • tiles should therefore take up much less space than when storing to files and folders
  • special state tiles
  • batch tile download is now improved and faster
  • modRana stdout to file logging support

* modRana V0.15 *

  • automatic map rotation support
  • map scaling support (2X,4X)

* modRana V0.14 *

  • turn-by-turn navigation
  • espeak based voice navigation

* modRana V0.13 *

  • draw logging trace
  • distinct track coloring + manual color selection
  • folder based tracklog categories
  • more robust tracklog handling
  • valid and OSM compatible GPX output
  • better looking generic icons


  • default tile folder is now .maps in MyDocs
    • this makes modRana share maps with Mappero and Maep

* modRana V0.12 *

  • bugfix release

* modRana V0.11 *

  • GUI for track logging -> directly to a GPX file
  • tracklog cathegories
  • deleting tracklogs
  • ondemand tracklog loading => much faster aplication start
  • limit on the maximum number of in memmory tiles(user feedback - thanks)
  • netwok usage modes - full/partial(= no automatic tile dl)
  • slight improvements of the user interface
  • added new icons
  • new MTB layer for Czech republic

* modRana V0.10 *

  • now widget, showing remaining distance/time
  • imporoved OSD route profile widget
  • more intuitive tracklog visibility setting

* modRana V0.09 *

* modRana V0.08 *

  • text input
  • address routing
  • toll and highway avoidance

* modRana V0.07 *

  • map overlay support
  • route profile widget
    • activate a tracklog in tools -> set active
    • if upgrading from older version, delete the cache file on Neo in cache/tracklogs/tracklog_cache.txt
  • show current pozition on the route profile
  • the map should be show, even if these is no space left on the device

* modRana V0.06 *

  • the map is now more sharp and uninterrupted
  • GPS on the N900 was confirmed as working

* modRana V0.05 *

  • Neo FreeRunner package
  • TangoGPS compatible tile storage
  • map layer configuration in map_config.conf
  • improved batch tile download

* modRana V0.04 *

  • N900 GPS support
  • fully configurable user interface (using the user_config.conf config file)
    • each profile can have a custom UI
    • size and position of UI buttons and elements can be changed
    • size and position of information widgets can be configured
    • information widgets: time, speed, speed statistics, coordinates...
  • tiles folder can be set from the config file
    • on the N900 /home/user/MyDocs/modRana_tiles/, is used (to modify the tile folder path on N900, change it in the N900 section)
  • position indicator indicator
  • by using the first CLI argument, the current device type can signalized to modRana
    • for now, its is used mainly for N900 specific features or initial screen/window resolution
    • supported codes: n900, neo, n95, eee, q7, square, ipaq
  • potecially faster method for loading map tiles
  • improved threading support (thanks ivir for feedback)


ModRana is licensed under GPL v3 and all third pasty modules under their own respective (open source) license.

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