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modRana wiki in Czech Language - Česká verze této wiki

ModRana is a flexible GPS navigation software for (not only) mobile Linux devices.

ModRana is based on Rana and written in Python. The only dependencies other than Python 2.5+ needed for running modRana are PyGTK and Cairo for running the GTK GUI.

For the QML GUI, Qt, PySide and QtComponents are needed.

  • to enable voice navigation, install espeak (modRana runs just fine without it but it doesn't "speak" :) )

Other applications
This page also contains some information about modRana sister projects, such as Mieru, RePho & Panora.


Visit the screenshot gallery to see modRana in its whole glory ! :)


This section demonstrates the functionality of modRana.

How to enable turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions ?
T-b-T navigation guide

How to use offline routing ?
modRana offline routing guide @ wiki.

Where does modRana store maps, tracklogs, POI and configuration files ?
modRana data storage article.


Instalation packages are available for:

There is also an universal tar archive. This is also basically the complete modRana source code.


Donations for the modRana project are more than welcome! :)

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bitcoin: 16jppsSmwEYgb8xVMRaP1YBaK3kBWtFydS


A short quide describing how to use the various fetures provided by modRana. [work in progress]

Supported Platforms

The target platform for modRana is Maemo 5 on the Nokia N900 and Sailfish OS on the Jolla.

Are you a N900 user ? Check out the modRana thread at :)

ModRana also works on the Nokia N900, N9/N950, Openmoko Neo FreeRunner, Smart Q7, OpenPandora handheld, Nemo Mobile devices and standard Linux PCs.

There are also ports for Android, BB10, WebOS & Tizen in progress.

It is quite possible, that modRana also works on other devices, thanks to the low dependency count. If you find that modRana works on your device and it is not yet listed, please let me know and I'll add it ! :)


Information about modRana development & how you can help with it. :)

PySide for Android

  • generic build & usage guide

PySide for Android

  • work-in-progress

Contains information of how modRana works under the hood & various development notes.

ModRana source code is hosted on Github:

Pull requests & patches are welcome ! :)


ModRana has been in development since spring 2010 and has achieved some interesting milestones, such as:

  • fall 2013 work on a new Qt 5 & PyOtherSide GUI started
  • early 2013 initial ports to BlackBerry 10 and Android
  • fall 2012 support for offline routing & own offline routing data repository
  • summer/fall 2012 modRana wins the 1st place in Coding Competition 2012, Updates & Development on Existing Apps category
  • fall 2011 modRana wins the 2nd place in MeeGo Coding Competition 2011, Location & Navigation category
  • spring 2011 new QML GUI
  • summer 2010 modRana wins the 3rd place in Maemo Coding Competition 1, Location & Navigation category

Contact the developer

My name is Martin Kolman and you can reach me on:

jabber: m4rtink at jabbim dot cz

email: modrana at gmail dot com

Twitter: M4rtinK

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