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#197 enhancement Routing : don't geocode start & destination when looking up route gps Martin Kolman 1346754901545637
#198 enhancement more efficient and robust track logging gps Martin Kolman 1346754807238513
#194 defect GTK UI:track logging broken gps Martin Kolman 1346754671104372
#206 defect harmless error during tile download gps Martin Kolman 1346080258692035
#188 defect search address online stopped working gps Martin Kolman 1338196653208784
#172 defect GTK UI: address & wikipedia result lists won't scroll after returning from map gps Martin Kolman 1336850745164831
#89 enhancement voice navigation: trigger messages based on time remaining to turn gps Martin Kolman 1336843111445896
#97 enhancement batch tile download: retry failed tile downloads gps Martin Kolman 1336843018714185
#175 defect GTK UI: batch download & size estimation = unreadable text gps Martin Kolman 1336842961772548
#174 defect GTK UI@N900: backlight does not stay on gps Martin Kolman 1336764952241590
#173 defect GTK UI: poin-to-point routing is broken gps Martin Kolman 1336764786223158
#88 defect Maemo5@N900: double bug - tiles not stored in MyDocs causing postinst script to fail gps Martin Kolman 1333841500450611
#140 defect libmagic1 broken package gps Martin Kolman 1333841340287924
#158 defect Cycle map broken gps Martin Kolman 1333841167616450
#167 defect Download "around route" fails gps Martin Kolman 1329312032781029
#165 defect Tracklog elevation information is in meters, in imperial units mode gps Martin Kolman 1320061770038214
#142 defect elevation graph has overlaid markers gps Martin Kolman 1320061674017641
#13 defect white screen at start (division by zero in drawing function) gps Martin Kolman 1320061377956281
#82 enhancement Maemo5@N900: store tracklogs in MyDocs gps Martin Kolman 1314481178904573
#138 enhancement make espeak parameter string configurable gps Martin Kolman 1314481142463976
#157 defect N900: log a track no longer works gps Martin Kolman 1312816522661144
#24 defect newest gpsd protocol not supported -> modRana fails on Ubuntu 10.04 gps Martin Kolman 1311938943402342
#150 defect GPS will not start gps Martin Kolman 1309809654271180
#80 enhancement jump to map screen on long back-button press gps Martin Kolman 1301434644040553
#46 enhancement N900: use better integrated text input gps Martin Kolman 1301434545261562
#45 enhancement add a skip button for the step by step routing gps Martin Kolman 1301434498763383
#43 enhancement add 12/24h time format toggle gps Martin Kolman 1301434409844863
#40 enhancement show version number gps Martin Kolman 1301434323282139
#133 defect gpx file rendered with garbled edges gps Martin Kolman 1301236506940562
#132 defect gpx file rendered with garbled edges gps Martin Kolman 1301236478859340
#126 defect does samsung qotd impression gps uAHtLwjx 1297803062577215
#127 enhancement does samsung qotd impression gps_en HzzPhN 1297803044200797
#125 defect SPAM REMOVED gps rZLCOJEm 1297762717939666
#124 defect SPAM REMOVED gps ZjepUK 1297762683782100
#123 defect SPAM REMOVED gps MNtZI 1297708382941764
#122 defect SPAM REMOVED gps pqLvFmsY 1297691942477270
#121 defect SPAM REMOVED gps GKJpHPFW 1297691918131690
#120 defect SPAM REMOVED gps twKLhbO 1297673671400530
#119 defect SPAM REMOVED gps FimnBzOX 1297673624359279
#118 defect SPAM REMOVED gps qosUl 1297673583428527
#117 defect SPAM REMOVED gps pITVY 1297673529760190
#3 enhancement rotate map around a shifted center gps Martin Kolman 1297635339543859
#102 defect Tracklog contains strange time gps Martin Kolman 1297635094547988
#109 defect spam gps Martin Kolman 1297592796640245
#110 defect test gps Martin Kolman 1297592788694940
#111 defect spam gps Martin Kolman 1297531716685772
#108 defect this is a regular testing ticket gps Martin Kolman 1297531180404318
#107 defect SPAM REMOVED gps oIRxwo 1297520658041327
#106 enhancement SPAM REMOVED gps_en milestone2 ZcWyCkzl 1297353996019307
#105 defect SPAM REMOVED gps milestone1 sneKvefc 1297350948388974
#100 defect route -> address to address -> Destination: button not always working gps Martin Kolman 1297286422532040
#42 defect clicking menu buttons disables centring gps Martin Kolman 1297102109084402
#103 defect Tracklog contains strange time gps Martin Kolman 1296140296957075
#75 defect Maemo@N900: black background in text entry gps Martin Kolman 1294686380639460
#92 defect SPAM REMOVED gps milestone1 FqptrM 1294581187490126
#74 defect excessively big icon image in desktop shortcut gps Martin Kolman 1292550762783528
#85 enhancement SPAM removed gps_en milestone2 gaHZYKB 1291378042351880
#83 defect SPAM removed gps milestone1 itxMG 1291264634695296
#6 defect disable screen diming on N900 gps Martin Kolman 1290853620049338
#41 defect Maemo 5@N900: speed incorrect gps Martin Kolman 1290853591591522
#1 defect fails on shr-u with: import error: no module named statvfs gps Martin Kolman 1290853306570522
#36 enhancement voice: improve distance interpretation gps Martin Kolman 1290030316000000
#65 enhancement don't update average speed while standing gps Martin Kolman 1290030242000000
#10 enhancement asynchronous online services access gps Martin Kolman 1290030189000000
#7 enhancement make log name green when logging gps Martin Kolman 1288887584000000
#59 defect edit the Espeak substitution list from GUI gps Martin Kolman 1288733710000000
#25 defect SPAM REMOVED gps Martin Kolman 1288544928000000
#44 enhancement add an directions/espeak output substitution list gps Martin Kolman 1288544823000000
#21 defect local search from modRana not working in Australia gps Martin Kolman 1286726615000000
#22 defect local search from modRana not working in Australia gps Martin Kolman 1283548375000000
#23 defect scale ruler not respecting current units settings gps Martin Kolman 1283548339000000
#5 enhancement turn-by-turn navigation gps Martin Kolman 1283548270000000
#16 enhancement use MyDocs/.maps on N900 gps Martin Kolman 1281607069000000
#9 defect GPX logs not readable by Openstreatmap, no timestamp gps milestone1 Martin Kolman 1281606546000000
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